Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Skinny

Losing weight in a healthy way, the fastest way possible can be done. I have tried just about every weight loss trick and there are some that actually really work, are really healthy and get results quickly. Number one, pre-requisite, is eating healthy, which means no bread, no wheat, no dairy. Eat every 3-4 hours, and no eating late at night, which means, stop eating after 7 pm. On top of diet, cardio, every day, 30 minutes minimum is a must.

On top of healthy diet and daily cardio there are some great tips and tricks that have really worked for me. 

1. Detox. I think liver detoxes and bowel detoxes are really effective, but you should check out your local whole foods or independent health food store and see which product you really vibe with, or which cleanse resonates with you. One of my favorite detox lines is Renew Life. I have tried several of their products and this is a very reputable and effective brand.

2. Infrared Sauna. It essentially speeds up metabolism, burns calories and detoxes you. There are a few different types of these, one is a traditional sit down sauna, but my favorite is the slimline pod. Depending on where you live, this can be expensive. In Los Angeles, it can cost about $20 a session or more, but in my area, Tampa, Fl, there are a lot of gyms/automated spas (i.e Planet Beach) which will offer you an unlimited membership for about $50 a month. The products that go along with the sauna session are a must have and help you sweat and lose weight, slimline slender serum as well as the slimline celiminate cream. The infrared sauna in conjunction with these oils also work really well for spider veins.

3. Body Wraps are another great way to lose weight and I have had a lot of success with this for problem areas such as thighs. I have used oils, such as olive oil, and plastic wrap (cheap, easy, effective) as well as a store bought box from planet beach called, Slim Body Wrap Kit. Both of these methods  can be made even more effective by putting shapewear over top the cellophane. I recommend wearing these for a minimum of 3 hours for maximum effectiveness, or even overnight, if you can make it through the whole night.

4. Slendertone. I recently tried the slendertone, and I have to say that this product really works. Essentially, it is a belt that sends electric pulses to your core and causes those muscles to contract at varying levels of intensity. Every day that I use it, my stomach gets a little tighter. It can be uncomfortable and weird but it is worth it, and it really works.

These are some of the tricks that work for me, let me know if you have any of your own!